Licensed Wireless and Point to Point Microwave solutions for your business

Exigent Networks offer a range of licensed wireless options to suit a wide range of business needs. If you require high capacity connectivity between sites, our point to point microwave options are the ideal solution for your business.

Setting up a microwave point to point network helps your business avoid the time-delay, cost and disruption of installing a fixed-line circuit. Our licensed microwave partners are all visible on the right-side column on this page so you can browse these links for more information on finding the point to point microwave solution to suit your business needs.

Avoid Interference with licensed wireless by owning your own frequency 

Licensed microwave links are becoming a popular wireless option for business as they combat the noise interference in the unlicensed wireless spectrum. Licensed microwave wireless provides security from the risk of wireless interference from other wireless systems.

Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point licensed microwave wireless links are the ideal solution when you need high bandwidth connectivity in currently hard to reach places, or where you need local connectivity between multiple buildings or sites. In many situations the cost and disruption of physically laying cables makes a wired network unfeasible, which is why licensed wireless solutions are an ideal option for many businesses.

Tailor made point to point microwave licensed wireless solutions

At Exigent we can tailor a licensed microwave wireless solution that gives you the secure, high capacity network you need. Microwave radio is a proven technology used all over the world by public safety, telco carriers, emergency services and military forces in situations where security and reliability are paramount.

You can be confident that a licensed microwave wireless solution from Exigent Networks will deliver the reliability and security your mission critical systems demand.

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